Sunday, January 20, 2008

Okay Okay, it was too damn nice to keep to myself. Here is the Ron Carroll track we mentioned below, if you like it, go cop the EP from Beatport or something. The nice guys over at the Housemusic blog pasted the Bart B More link in the comments, we also got pointed in the direction of the Bart B More post on the Mad Decent blog as well (hmmm, good idea that...a post on Bart B More? Maybe we should get on that before anyone else?). We here at Zombie towers are working on the new Ghetto House Top Ten, make sure you post some ideas in the comments box if you want to contribute.

Signing out, the Zombie-did-it-before-you-Squad.

Ron Carroll - Walking Down the Street


Alex Bok Bok said...

#1. paul johnson - feel my mf bass

Stanik said...
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