Wednesday, July 25, 2007

That's my dude T.Rex right there, he looks kind of shocked because we had just chanced upon a junkies bedroom whilst exploring and defacing an abandoned hospital in Belgium..but that's another story. Check out our new mix!

Jerk Twitch Mega Tron Mix.

1. Telex - Moscow Disco
2. Joakim - Are you Vegetarian
3. Bondo Do Role - Melo Taco Rhythm (Xxxchange edit)
4. Dj Funk And Dj Assault - Freaky B*tches
5. Bad Mouth - Any More (Luke Solomon Mix)
6. Jesse Rose - A-sided
7. Acid Jacks - Mookie
8. Dj Tamiel - My Neck My Back
9. Bart B-more - Basement beats
10. Clark Able - Lemon Head (Nick Sarno Remix)
11. Dusty Kid - The Cat (Crookers Remix)
12. Marcella - Stabbing Sally (Audiojack Remix)
13. Bondo Do Role - Gasolina (Crookers Crunk)

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Syrup Juice Jukein'. I just started editing Juke songs so they run at house tempo- they sound amazing (if I do say so my self). Proper ghetto house....

Dj me freak me (Nathaniel's Syrup Edit)

Monday, July 23, 2007

I'm sure all of you remember the dreadful chill out compilations that were big a few years ago (only your dad still buys 'em now--- not that I bought any in the first place I hasten to add)... um where was I -oh yea, there hasn't been a great deal of relaxing music on here- it's because we normally chill out to Jeff Mills, but I have a headache right now and thought it'd be appropriate to put some things you can chilllll (wow I'm using a lot of dirty words today- see post below)to....

Steve Reich is about the only classical music I can listen to, it has a amazing driving rhythm and makes me think of going very fast on German trains---

Steve Reich - section 3a

From the most clinical classical to the deepest soul- who- Mr Barry White. I needn't say more

Barry White-I'm Gonna love you just a little more babe

Back to German train music with a French genius (Joakim of course)

Severed heads- Dead eyes opened Joakim edit.

Mainstream electro house should by and large be avoided like the bubonic plague, but I gots to say that Tocadisco do have knack of making me jack it like a zombie. This little number brought the roof down at Trailer Trash on Friday....

Philippe B vs. Todd Terry - Can You Feel It (Tocadisco Remix)

While I'm on the subject of good mainstream electro house I can't not mention the gail in the O remix by Mr Acquaviva and Mr Jee it's amazing progressive electro house (I feel dirty using those words together)It featured on our Discobelle mix (yes that is a plug).... anyways I off to wash my hands after using the word..... progressive. Nx

Gail In The O -John Acquaviva and Damon Jee Remix

Photos by Fakso
When not chowing down to Won Ton Soup on Kingsland Rd, The Crookers rock clubs with their new tracks. Bugged Out played host to them on Saturday, and despite the fact that Lord Alkan was doing his dang in room one, homedudes got the plade jumping off! Highlights included their new remix of Armand Van Heldan's 'I want your Soul' (which should be out soon?) and of the best songs I've heard all year.

Dusty Kid - Cat (Crookers Remix)

Friday, July 20, 2007

The above photo was taken at around 9am in Berlin Shoenefeld Airport. We had just played at The Tape Club and were on our way to the airport in a friends car when we discovered Noze. Now I don't know if it was the drugs or the lack of two days sleep that made our encounter so magical, but their music struck a chord in my withered brain. Sounding somewhere inbetween Kraftwerk, Hot Chip and minimal jacking techno, Noze manage to make catchy, sarcastic pop songs that jump on the dancefloor. This track is taken from the album 'How to Dance', buy it on vinyl and play it loud.

Noze - Kitchen

Like guitars, Hip Hop is something that rarely appears on this blog. I grew up on the stuff, first the happy stuff, then the underground stuff, then the boring/backpacker stuff...then realised music should be fun and started pumping Jigga.

Nowadays its the crazy-over-the-top-funny-without-meaning-to-be shit that I mostly listen to. Lil Wayne is probably the best rapper alive and is getting better as he gets worse/more stoned (some of his best punchlines don't even make literal sense, but whos gonna argue with him? He's the guy that brought us the couplet 'I could even say don rhyme and it gon rhyme'), plus he's got that whole orphan thing going on and he kissed his 'daddy' (Birdman) on the mouth which is just wierd. I ripped this off of 'Dedication 2' which was put together by DJ Drama (is he out of jail yet?), the whole album is just crazy and you should definitley go and get it. Lil Wayne puts the dick on her.

Lil Wayne - Workin Em

My next favourite is Rick Ross a.k.a Ricky Ross a.k.a Rick the Rich Nizzle a.k.a Rick Roowss the motherfucking Boowss. Rick has got a mean flow for a fatboy, and a super dope accent that can just about make anything rhyme with anything. He claims to be a millionaire and says he like hanging out on boats with Emilio Estevez (I'm inclined to believe him, he wears a lot of white). This track pretty much sums up the flow and production on his album, 'The Port of Miami', I'm loving all the slowed down, stuttered vocals that have made their way into hip hop at the moment. ( sure to check 'Shot To The Heart' on his myspace, can they be serious? I mean, you cant seriously thug it out to that chorus?)

Rick Ross - Where My Money At? (I need that)

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

This is coming up....looking good too, anyone who mixes zombies, booty music and Plastic People are winners in our eyes!

Monday, July 16, 2007

Audioporno are some very busy cats, if they're not doing slamming mixes, (check out Top of the Pops 4 which was on Discobelle) then they're making mega-tronic remixs. This one of The Glamour sounds like Surkin and Switch locked in a room for a week with a big bag of hard drugs and a 1980's synth.....

The Glamour-Get in to it (Audioporno remix)

That dude Alistair came down to Get Rude on Sat, he took some nice pictures of Sweat X. Peek them here.

Special thanks goes to Sweat X, Fakeblood and the lovely Isa GT.

Friday, July 13, 2007

Part two of 'I wish I was Black and Gay in 1985' is currently under construction, in the mean time here's a bit of Chicago to tide you over.....

Kevin Irving - Children of the Night

Robert Owens- I'll be your friend

Maurice - This is acid

Oh, and while I'm on the subject of the 80's here is the Miami bass mix I promised ages ago....

Gamma Ray Mix

1.Mc Ade-bass rock Express
2.Computer Rockers- Bass takes control
3.Afro Rican- Get my Freak on (funky mix)
4.BlowFly- E.P.S
5.Gucci Crew II - Showbiz.
6.Shantell & Dwane- Ring my Phone
7.Computer Rockers- computer wars
8.Sleeze Boys- Z.O.I.D.S
9.Der Mer- Fall Out

Thursday, July 12, 2007

Really un-boring London based Dj's wanted!

Hit us up on

for friendship, fun and maybe more.

Guitars are not something that appear on this blog too often, however that doesn't mean we don't like 'em.

Mr Mark E Smith is an eccentric, womanising, band-firing (his longest ever member was four years) drunken lunatic...but he sure as hell does make good music.

Those of you who have never heard of The Fall deserve to be branded with a massive 'C' for cretin on your forehead and thrown down a pit....OK maybe that's a bit far but you really should look in to them, they or should I say- Mr. Smith and Band are amazing.

Mouse on Mars have teamed up with Mark E., for their (and apparently yes this time it is a partnership)new band Von Südenfed. The name might make it sound like cheese that cures a cough but the music sure as hell ain't, imagine disco-electro-post-punk (salivating? you should be).

The Fall - A New Face In Hell

Von Südenfed- The Sound Wiped

Paris - Ipod Battle a.k.a 'Eurostar London Coming' a.k.a 'We Woz Robbed'

Thanks go out to Josh and all the Pirate Soundsystem and Discoboxx crew.

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

A video post today....this is the video of The Buckwheat Boyz - Ice Cream and Cake, apparently Spielburg was involved in the making of this video and it cost somewhere around $2 Million.

Friday, July 06, 2007

We made a mix for Discobelle the Swedish blog superstars go there now and see a silly photo of us, hear the mix and jack yo' body.

Tuesday, July 03, 2007

...that's Mr. Oizo.