Thursday, July 12, 2007

Guitars are not something that appear on this blog too often, however that doesn't mean we don't like 'em.

Mr Mark E Smith is an eccentric, womanising, band-firing (his longest ever member was four years) drunken lunatic...but he sure as hell does make good music.

Those of you who have never heard of The Fall deserve to be branded with a massive 'C' for cretin on your forehead and thrown down a pit....OK maybe that's a bit far but you really should look in to them, they or should I say- Mr. Smith and Band are amazing.

Mouse on Mars have teamed up with Mark E., for their (and apparently yes this time it is a partnership)new band Von Südenfed. The name might make it sound like cheese that cures a cough but the music sure as hell ain't, imagine disco-electro-post-punk (salivating? you should be).

The Fall - A New Face In Hell

Von Südenfed- The Sound Wiped

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