Monday, July 23, 2007

I'm sure all of you remember the dreadful chill out compilations that were big a few years ago (only your dad still buys 'em now--- not that I bought any in the first place I hasten to add)... um where was I -oh yea, there hasn't been a great deal of relaxing music on here- it's because we normally chill out to Jeff Mills, but I have a headache right now and thought it'd be appropriate to put some things you can chilllll (wow I'm using a lot of dirty words today- see post below)to....

Steve Reich is about the only classical music I can listen to, it has a amazing driving rhythm and makes me think of going very fast on German trains---

Steve Reich - section 3a

From the most clinical classical to the deepest soul- who- Mr Barry White. I needn't say more

Barry White-I'm Gonna love you just a little more babe

Back to German train music with a French genius (Joakim of course)

Severed heads- Dead eyes opened Joakim edit.

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