Friday, July 20, 2007

Like guitars, Hip Hop is something that rarely appears on this blog. I grew up on the stuff, first the happy stuff, then the underground stuff, then the boring/backpacker stuff...then realised music should be fun and started pumping Jigga.

Nowadays its the crazy-over-the-top-funny-without-meaning-to-be shit that I mostly listen to. Lil Wayne is probably the best rapper alive and is getting better as he gets worse/more stoned (some of his best punchlines don't even make literal sense, but whos gonna argue with him? He's the guy that brought us the couplet 'I could even say don rhyme and it gon rhyme'), plus he's got that whole orphan thing going on and he kissed his 'daddy' (Birdman) on the mouth which is just wierd. I ripped this off of 'Dedication 2' which was put together by DJ Drama (is he out of jail yet?), the whole album is just crazy and you should definitley go and get it. Lil Wayne puts the dick on her.

Lil Wayne - Workin Em

My next favourite is Rick Ross a.k.a Ricky Ross a.k.a Rick the Rich Nizzle a.k.a Rick Roowss the motherfucking Boowss. Rick has got a mean flow for a fatboy, and a super dope accent that can just about make anything rhyme with anything. He claims to be a millionaire and says he like hanging out on boats with Emilio Estevez (I'm inclined to believe him, he wears a lot of white). This track pretty much sums up the flow and production on his album, 'The Port of Miami', I'm loving all the slowed down, stuttered vocals that have made their way into hip hop at the moment. ( sure to check 'Shot To The Heart' on his myspace, can they be serious? I mean, you cant seriously thug it out to that chorus?)

Rick Ross - Where My Money At? (I need that)

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