Tuesday, September 11, 2007

A while back I posted the classic Paul Johnson track 'Get Get Down', since then I have still been playing it, a lot, badly. I'm sorry...I get really drunk and its like pulling an old friend out to make me happy just one more time. Now I'm putting that shit to rest, for good.

Cos I got a new friend, his name is Charlie Fanclub and he bangs. Looking at his myspace you'd be mistaken for thinking Charlie just makes the same old 'crunchy-rock-electro' fare, BZZZZ! WRONG! He sent me this mature, heads down, jacking update of 'Get Get Down' which I'm well into. The track builds with disco pops, minimal clicks and wheezes and lush pads, calling on the familiarity of the vocals and sitting it next to a relentless, mechanical bass. Super Duper dope work!

Paul Johnson - Get Get Down (Charlie Fanclub Remix)

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