Sunday, September 02, 2007

ok..... so..... I have been the laziest blogger this side of the sloth blog on the discovery channels site ( thats not true or funny... sorry)

I have been doing a ton since I last wrote (bad zombie bad)... in chronological order

New York... Pow... this seems like a year ago now but it was only about two weeks.. Played at a amazing night called Ruff Club,, that was a hell of Party, hung out with Divine Brown for part of the evening (the hooker that sucked off Hugh Grant in LA)... and she used the best chat up line I have have ever heard on me---Divine "Are you Straight?"--Nathaniel: "Yes"---Divine "Ssssttttrrrraight Back to my house"... I'd be lying if I said I wasn't a bit scared. Any who away from hookers and back to MUSIC, while in New York I spent a lot of time with the Trouble and Bass crew, apart from being the nicest bunch of folks I have ever encountered they are also incredibly talented Producers, DJ's, Promoters and have a 5star record label (also called T&B). Keep your eyes peeled for some mega hot new releases.
This is a mix Drop the Lime (aka the best host on the planet) did for Synthesis Magazine

DTL MIX for Synthesis Magazine

Sweden... I got straight off the plane from NYC and on to one to Sweden for a holiday to get over my holiday, I could relate lots of details but it would be detracting from the music talk.... Mapei is a very very talented lady. A amazing Mc of American Heritage who has been living in Sweden for some time, she came to our attention about a year ago with a stunning track called Video Vixens, and has been turning down offers left right and center ever since. She has just been working with Switch and the results (or at least one of 'em) can be heard on her myspace... she also plays with Spank Rock @Fabric on the 7th of September and yes you will see me in the front row..

Mapei- Video Vixens

London/Liverpool:Back to the Uk for Creamfields and Get Loaded-both amazing. In Particular Claude Von Stokes set at C.F and Mia perfomance at G.L

Claude Von Stroke - Mix for Mix mag

MIA - Boyz (The Twelves rmx)
(via Big Stereo )

Sweden Again
: We played in Stockholm this weekend for O.D.D (they used to have a amazing magazine that just ended)WOW --what a amazing party !!! photo's to follow.... fingers are sore... last words.... Get Rude this Saturday come!!!!


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