Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Jim Warboy
is one of our favourite deejays ever, not only is he a very talented producer ('London's Getting Dirty' anyone?), promoter (All You Can Eat basically re-wrote the London club kid rulebook and paved the way for many, many copy cats) he also has a knack of dressing like a gay, south-central Blood! Which in my book is one of the best looks in the whole wide world. Warboy is concentrating on raising his production game this year so be sure to keep an eye out for his new tracks, he also has some new plans for the London club expect the unexpected!!

Heres a new mix of his, with some cool exclusives in.

Warboy - Bounce Mix

Pavaroti - Jack & Chocolate
Get Up and Dance - Bootleg
Straight Boy - Zombie Disco Squad
Back Once Again - Muzikjunki Remix - DJ Jeroenski
To The Bobmobile - Bobmo
Did Anyone Know? (Detboi Checks It Out) - FULL PHAT
La Musique (Sinden Remix) - Riot In Belgium
Niggaz Fighting - SCOTTIE B
Troca-Aplica - Original Mix - DJ Sany Pitbull
Big Girl (Tom Middleton remix) - Mika
Soca Ali Baba - Crookers feat MC Dandao
Nitro_Original_Mix - Steven Kass
Blow (Mason Remix) - Don Diablo
Mom & Daddy (Warboy remix) - Trash Fashion
Johnny's Not Dead - Original Mix - Nifty
Nessun Dorma - Luciano Pavaroti

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