Wednesday, April 15, 2009

sound pellegrino mixtape

Teki just sent me this banging mix him and orgasmic made. Its very nice and has our new single in it!

sound pellegrino mixtape

Momma's boy: wedouwedou - Sound Pellegrino
Kid Kaio & moradzo: aranha - CDR
Afrojack : Do my dance (Sidney Samson Remix) - CDR
Renaissance Man: What is guru - Sound Pellegrino
Douster: For weirdos only (momma's boy remix) - Sound Pellegrino
Renaissance Man - Spraycan - Dubsided
Diplo/Laid back luke - hey -CDR
Alvaro feat. Lux: Ultimate rise - CDR
zombie disco squad: heavy breathing - Made to play
Solo: Joga bola - Deadfish
Harvard Bass: 81 - Sound Pellegrino
Groovewatchers: Sexy Girl (chuckie remix) - CDR
Douster: Freak Mode (Arcade VIP mix) - Sound Pellegrino

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