Wednesday, April 08, 2009

DJ GUS is our mate, he is numero uno on this blog and posts some nice music in the comments. Here is a short mix of loads of Dance Mania bits, some you may have heard some you may have not.

All hail Gus....(tracklist Gus?)

DJ GUS - Dance Mania Mix



DJ GUS said...
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DJ GUS said...

(sorry, have to sort it)

dj chip - haters/hands-n-da-air
jammin gerald - deep vibe
stacy kidd - rausaun
low end theory - track werk
wax master maurice - god
houz' mon - the groove
dj milton - ride that MF
dj deeon - house-o-matic
houz' mon - intro king 28 years

there you go
the picture kills me :) i pass on van buuren