Saturday, January 10, 2009

Qoso came to our attention after he remixed Radioclit's Secousse track, a wierd mix of Tribal drums, Techno attitude and even Bmore influences jumped out and grabbed us by the ears. The nice guy himself made up this mix for our lovely blog, check it out and keep a close eye on this dude.


1 radioclit - secousse (riva starr remix)
2 mc flipside feat. hatiras - autograph
3 hardwell - enigma
4 marc houle - jouster
5 el guincho - antillas (qoso remix)
6 mowgli - oriente espresso
7 chaim - rythm insurance
8 luca bacchetti - afrikaans
9 gary beck - dark party
10 brodinski - golddigger
11 tonka - freeze
12 qoso - smiley soup
13 duke dumont - hoy
14 lady smith black mambazo - aban
15 kaysha feat. anofela & top one - on est ensemble
16 a.j. holmes - the king of new electric life (intro)


Anonymous said...

man i wonder why everybody talk about this lil crap. ok let's say that one year ago he was far from that ghetto/minimal style he got right now (thanks to tekilatex) he's from besançon (crappy city no club culture only dreadlocks and dumb fuck in new era). once again i wanna say that this guy talkin about claude, dirty bird and techno and stuff like marc romboy well fuck ya bitch six month ago he was in justice and all that shity french disto stuff. he don't even know how to mix I mean he press play on a computer i dont call it a mix sorry this fucker is wack he dont know how to use a fuckin mk2 and he talk about techno LMFAO

Anonymous said...

bullshit, his ghetto minimal tracks are one year old, to me it's sound pellegrino or zbs that are following qoso's way, not the opposite

doofyler said...

First comment is so pathetic. Probably from a french parisian hipster, who in fact comes from a small village in France. Typical thought: if u're not born or livin in Paris, u can't be doin good music, lmfao. If he had just listened to previous Tape from Qoso, he wouldn't says what he says. Talking about djing, it's not just technique, it's about musical tastes and how u can put a track after an other. If u just think about the technique then dj's are just jukeboxes. Finally for minimal, u better come in Berlin to hear what it really is!!!