Wednesday, May 07, 2008


For those that have been keeping a close eye and ear on us recently, you may have noticed we penned a new genre in Zulu House. We did it first and we do it best. We thought you might be interested in the following mix which acts as a definition of ZULU. Its quite straightforward but for those still a little unsure...

Zulu is banging on drums. Zulu is congas and cowbells. Zulu is a relentless kick drum. Zulu is rhythm. Zulu is jacking til you sweat. Zulu is old and new. Zulu is Get Rude. Zulu is that low down wobble you sometimes feel. Zulu is a familiar feeling. Zulu is fresh. Zulu is bass. Zulu is bigger than you and its totally okay to feel a little intimidated right now.

Gutter Broadcast Exclusive!!!

Zombie Disco Squad - The Definition of Zulu House

1. Plastic Buckets in Amsterdam Intro
2. Solomun & Stimming - Ghostdog
3. Poxy Music & Gina Mitchell - War Paint (Claude Vonstroke Remix)
4. Justin Martin - Nightowl
5. Mowgli & Solo - Oriente Express
6. Induceve - Time to begin
7. Zombie Disco Squad - Vie!
8. Riva Starr - La Conga
9. Italoboyz - Bahia Mucho Lungo
10. Circle Children - Zulu
11. Zombie Disco Squad feat. Crystal Fighters - I know you want me
12. King Samir - Samirs Theme (Sidney Sampson Remix)
13. Juice String - Sex Weed (Laidback Luke Remix)
14. Worthy - Mummer
15. Style of Eye - Fanfar

We also included the Zulu House anthem for your listening pleasure. Circle Children is one of the monikers Armand Van Heldan used, he made this track for Strictly Rhythm in the early 90's. Enjoy....

Circle Children - Zulu (Change Mix)

Thanks for the support.

Love you.

Lucas & Nat
The Zombie Disco Squad.


INDOE said...

thats hot boys!

smooth first tracks into the hurricanes eye of zulu.

Anonymous said...


Brian said...

hey the tracks are down on zshare and we're trying to jack it like a zulu so please re up somewhere!

Gutter Broadcast said...

link down, damn zshare....will re-up later today.

sorry everyone.

Deadly Rhythm said...

hey could reupload circle children- zulu as well please? cheers!!

Malcolm Y said...

nice tracklist but seriously, re-think the name as you are in really, really dodgy territory with that Zulu business