Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Went down to Berlin yesterday to do a DJ set at German radio Fritz.
Shirkan is hosting a show every Tuesday where he presents the freshest sounds from around the world. He has DJs, Producers and such coming by for interviews and DJ sets. Last night was my turn to stop by Shir´s office for some radio spinning.

Gave the set a matching title and this is how it went down:

Building houses - Dan M mixin at radio Fritz (Germany)

1. Remember Love (Dan M still wanna do Britney thing) - NÔze
2. Deviate - Manuel Tur, Dplay
3. One time for ya mind - Conan Liquid
4. You used to hold me ft. Xaviria Gold - Ralph Rosario
5. Flookin (Solid Groove remix) - Solid Groove
6. Work - 2000 And One
7. Masterbeater 2 (Master stroke mix) - Jay Tripwire, Claude Von Stroke
8. Calling Chicago (Dirty phone booth mix) - Soul migrantz


Dan M

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