Monday, October 15, 2007

Hip House. Some hate it, some love it. I really love it. You cant beat big trousers, big beats (NOT 'big beat'), big earrings, big hi-tops (both shoes and hair), big fun, big attitude....what is their not to like? My recent newfound contempt for modern, instant music (seriously, has anyone heard anything mindblowing lately? Put a comment with your email and I will personally send you a free tshirt if you can prove me wrong) has dragged me back to my old records. Hip House needs a revival(SMD tried but fell short of the original feeling) and my money is on dudes like Gameboy/Gamegirl and Sweat X. Watch this space...

Zombie Disco Squad - I Still Listen To Hip House

1. Beatmasterz Ft. Cookie Crew - Rok Da House
2. Double J - Bless the Funk
3. Mr. Lee - Pump dat Body
4. Young MC - Pick Up da Pace (Club Mix)
5. MC Crown - Situation (Hip House Remix)
6. Master Mixi and Skinny Scotty Ft. Dizzy D - I Can Handle It
7. MC Miker G - Show 'em da Bass
8. DJ Fast Eddie - Hip House

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Anonymous said...

clyde -serve it up (brooks hip house mix) (cant remember label, email me ill send you the track) produced around 03/04

t-shirt in xxl please