Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Dan M. We love him, he is our Copenhagen sunshine. He plays jacking house, fidget and anything that grooves. He very kindly made us a banging mix...

j-j-j-j--a-a-a-a-a-c-c-c--c--c--k-k-k-k-k-k--- a---t---t---a---c---k

Gutter Fidget mix

Vejer - ? - (jesse rose rmx)
someone i dub - trevor loveys - (herve rmx)
be a jerk - lee mortimer / sawtooth sucka
Oi NY this is LDN - david e sugar
plastic fantastic - ? - riva staar chunky as fuck rmx - (DAN M! izzo work)
beatbox - ? - crookers rmx - (DAN M! Woah! edit)
listen man - the Bulgarian
valerie - mark ronson ft Amy Winehouse - (Sinden & count of Monte Cristal rmx)
moving it over here - foamo
another day in the ghetto - Dj fame - (The Bulgarian rmx)
lemon head - Clark Able
crack el - worthy - (Justin Martins Stoopit Crunk-ill hyphy mix)
double barrel - Jahcoozi - (the bald and the beautiful dub mix)

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