Friday, March 02, 2007 we're not the first to post this up, in fact we straight nicked it off the Risky Bizniz blog (which is a REALLY good Swedish blog....talking of Swedes....what is it with them and hot blogs? Dudes are like super music nerds when it comes to the fresh, new tracks).

Geordie dude Riton gets his latest '3am-in-the-morning-wonky-spaz-hit' refixed by the super talented Roman Flugel (half of Alter Ego, as if you didnt know). Mr. Flugel slows things down a little, supplying something less 'banging' than his usual fare. The track's insistent bassline provides a nice groove for the original hook to lay over....sounding almost 'italo' at some points.

Riton - Hammer of Thor (Roman Flugel Remix)

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