Thursday, March 15, 2007

Here are a few things I have learnt whilst being on the Bleep Bleep Tour.....

1. Liverpulians mainly shop, fight and tell really, really funny jokes.
2. Leeds is all about Hadouken!
3. Birmingham is the grumpiest place I have been to.
4. Stoke-on-Trent is not actually a town, more like five towns quite near each other, each as bumpkin as the next.
5. Manchester is wet.
6. The best thing about touring is being able to visit TK Maxx in each city, boxfresh Air Max 180s for £29.99 anyone?
7. Sheffield is the proud parent of 'Niche' music. Niche grew from the club of the same in name in the mid 1990s (I remember always being too scared to go into the club when I was younger), it is a direct relation of Speed Garage and also goes under the name of 'Bassline House'..the beats are four to the floor, not twostep. It is tough! The scene is pretty new and mp3s are hard to come by (something we're working on kids). Heres a YouTube post (most of the tracks seem to be on YouTube aswell if you wanna go check out) of a track by Naughty Nick and Mr. Paleface.

Keep it locked here...tracks to come.

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