Monday, November 20, 2006

We asked superstar Dj Sinden to hit us up with a top ten. wow

Sinden's Tip Top Ten

1) Mekon Feat Roxanne Shante - Yes Yes Y'All (Sinden Baile Funk Remix)(Wall Of Sound)New remix from me with kinda cheap horns and synths (thats a plus in my book!)

2) Scottie B - Paul Simon Joint (Hollertronix CDR) Call Me Al (remember the vid with Chevy Chase?!) gets a Baltimore Club update. Its pure heat and gyals love it too!

3) Count Of Monte Cristal - Rocky (Counterfeet CDR) Get a proper jackin house groove, add a rave breakdown a bit of baltimore club and an Eye Of The Tiger break. You just got the most retarded club record for a minute.

4) Hi Jack - Hi Jackin (Herves F*ck F*ck Remix) (On The Brink Recordings) This remix lives up to its name. When I heard the bassline on this jackin houser it i couldnt stop sayin F*ck either. Big!

5) Jim Jones Feat Tego Calderon - We Fly High Remix (Koch) Big NY hip hop record just got bigger with this reggaeton remix. Tego straight kills this beat.

6) Rod Lee - Lets Git It (Unruly Records CDR) "Where James Bond at?" announces Rod over a 007 synth breakdown taken from this forthcoming EP on Unruly. This has got them big baltimore club horns to make the crowd get buck!

7) Phones - Sharpen The Knives (CDR) This hectic electro track just builds and builds and builds. Future dance music from Mr Epworth.

8) DJ Dede - Tribes (CDR) Basically, if Timbaland went to Rio's Favelas and made Brazilian beats this could be the outcome. They call this stuff 'Future Funk' in Brazil (crap title i know)

9) Merkston - Good Old Days Featuring Ghetto (Adamantium) Throwback style grime tune about reminiscing about them good ole days. Beat sounds like its trapped in 1999. That aint a bad thing - this is real fresh!

10) The Cure - The Walk (Everything Remix) (Elektra) Sounds like a remix but is in fact a re-recording made 7 years after the original. More electro than usual output -i cant front on The Cure. Ever.

Saturday, November 18, 2006

When we're not colour matching our clothes to our Myspace page (how gangsta is that! Fiddy would be proud!), we're searching for Toto t-shirts on the web. My search ended up at this dope spot....quite a lot of stock and for cheap too. Just promise me you will stay away from the played 'AC/DC', 'Motorhead' and 'Maiden' usuals (I'm almost embarassed to admit I like 'The Ramones' now godammit)....head for the 'The The', 'Tina Turner and' 'Beastie Boys' garms, now relax and watch your game grow.

Thursday, November 16, 2006

Sany Pitbull getting loose on his MPC at Rio Rox, thanks to Sinden and Elle J for a fantastic night of music and good times.

Tetine smashed it at our last 93 Feet East gig. Check out their new release 'L.I.C.K My Favela' out now on Soul Jazz. Buy it and others here.

Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Yo, f**k Rory Bremner...nuggah is played.
Now this is some wild shit. Imagine Madonna's backing dancers getting busy with Baltimore Club Music. Alabama has it's own 'Bamabounce' scene....headed up by the man DJ Taj, the scene looks like it's got a roll on. Taj received some shine recently by getting his very own release on Tittsworth & Ayres hot 'T+A' label. Check out homeboys website and his all-time smasher 'Wu-Tang Slide'.

What it do?
Dammit man, I've been cooking this one up in my head for a minute now. But it seems Brick City DJ and Producer has beat me to it...
DJ Tameil- Robot Club Rock
Show love on his myspace

Monday, November 13, 2006

I'm looking for a MC at the moment for a Bmore/Miami bass thing I wanna do and was browsing the rap bits of myspace. if you want a cheap laugh check this

Sunday, November 12, 2006

For all you Rio funk freaks who wanna make you own sex songs, Samba percussion loops and Dj Battery Brain's 808 Volt (Beatapella mix) are the backbone to 99% of all Rio Funk songs. Getting hold of the beatapella is pretty easy, just hit up Soulseek or some other p2p. The samba loops however are a bit of a nightmare to find. I'd recommend finding breaks in funk songs and lifting and re-cutting those. Once you have done that build the beat, slap in some kraftwerk and hot 80's rave samples, shout about life in the Favela, girls with big booty's and you should be well on your way.....

Good luck and hit us up with any thing you make


Friday, November 10, 2006

We love a booty bass mc from sweden called MAPEI check her song video vixens. Wow whee

Baile hunting.

Every Mother f**ker under the sun has Diplo's compilations and some of the more dedicated caroica freaks will have TETINE's AMAZING Slum Dunk comps. But if you want more... you are gonna have to dig deep in favela cyberspace. I'm not gonna make it too easy for you cos I'm a hoarder... but I'll give you a couple of tips to get you going

1. Cross reference like a bitch; take every artist name you can get and search search search.

2. Go to Google's advance search and change the language option to Portuguese, that way you're gonna be pulling up results from Brasil.

3. Get Mozilla's add on DOWNLOAD THEM ALL, it allows you to download all the links on a page, which can be really useful if you wanna pull a shitload of mp3's at once.

Right thats the basics, one site I really recommend is FUNK TOTAL, the flashings really annoying but it's got some really goods songs.... good luck X


1.Edu K : Hot Mama Bonde-DoRole_Mix
2.Montagem : Everybody Dance Now
4 Beyonce : Check On It (DJ Eliel Campos REMIX)
5.Dj Carlos Vercosa: technobeat_vs_rap_eminem
Sany Pitbull is playing live at next week's 'Rio Rox'.....I repeat, SANY PITBULL IS PLAYING AT NEXT WEEK'S 'RIO ROX'
Strip Joints are the thingaling...Dave Chapelle told us so.


We had to show some love for T.T.C's beatmaker 'DJ Orgasmic'....he new stuff is off the chain. Especially 'Haninin' and his remix of Rick Ross' 'Hustlin' which can be heard on his myspace.

Sexxx Talk Sessions

The Sexxx Talk myspace is now officially onlizzine. On the page you can sample the delights of our own creations. The page will be updated regularly with new baile funk, baltimore club and electro tracks.....hit up and ask nicely if you want to trade songs.