Saturday, August 07, 2010

Fex Fellini and other stuff from sound cloud

Sound cloud is one of those things I check about one every 6th months - and genrally it's full of daft punk bootlegs that have been sent to us (sorry guys - keep going you'll get there) how ever I came across this mix and ep preview in our drop box - I'm quite fond of it - I have only heard it on my laptop speakers so have no idea how it will sound in the club (don't blame me if it sounds whack - sorry fex :)

any who's here you go - tell me what you think

Latest tracks by FEX FELLINI


PS: actually on second thoughts here are some more tracks I'm feeling from sound cloud too

Rare - Lovesong by rare1000

No Mejor by Loopus Amadeus

hmm talking of daft punk bootlegs I kinda like this one (call me a hippo critter)

DAFT PUNK-Steam Machine(Loopus'SteamPunkRemix) by Loopus Amadeus

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