Thursday, July 15, 2010

New mix

From our boy SoLo!

SOLO - JACKMODE JULY MIX 2010 by Jackmode

01. No Worries-Butch
02. Como me Gusta
03. Et Moi-Voltaxxx Lissat
04. Cdr
05. Miami Whatever-Sebastian Leger
06. CdR
07. Briseuntokke-Mijail-C.Agras- Loko Rmx
08. Bama-D.Amo J Navas
09. Cdr
10. Piano Mistake-C.Agras-N.Oveda
11. ScrubThe Tub- Edwin Oosterwal
12. Cdr
13. Cdr


ps have some fun and google Solo - you get alot of Gay porn!
PPS: this is the first image I got when I googled solo ahahah

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Anonymous said...

laziest track list of all time?...