Monday, May 03, 2010

Bop Tik Bop Tik Bop Tik Bop Tik

I have to fess up......I have always had more of an affinity with Techno than House, something about the cold, mechanic and slightly humanistic emotion of bleeps and clicks resonates with something in me...I cant quite explain it.I still get those wierd-hair-standing-on-end experiences with Techno music (and when I'm talking Techno I mean minimal, modern or original stuff...not 145bpm crusty Techno, I feel dirty just listening to that stuff).

I got a few of those 'special' moments when watching this documentary, you can say what you like about Mr. Hawtin (he has many haters) but what he has done with his career and what he does with expanding on the clubbing experience shown in this video is pretty astonishing. This is a dance music documentary worth keeping and watching again, inspiring stuff!! (unlike the Luciano documentary, I had to turn that one off 20 minutes in, his ego was too big for my computer)


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