Wednesday, October 07, 2009

Our boy Dan M heads over to Ireland to play at Twisted Pepper in Dublin on the 17th of this month. To celebrate, here is a nice looking mix from Olly.....

Make sure you check it out if you are in Dublin at the time, and if you see Dan ask him to tell you about his tramp stamp!

Laverne Radix-Dick Control
Jaxson, David Keno- Domingo
Tomboy, Fredski- Mr.Fleurquin
James Braun, Dan M- Lessons pt2
Zombie Disco Squad- Heavy Breathing
Tigerskin- Rock the bells
The very best- Madja Kanja (Tim Green remix)
Solo- Joga Bola
Style of Eye- Grounded (Horns Edit)
iLL Kid, Golden Massey- Feuille Morte [preview]
Momma's Boy-Maldito Nino (Yankee Zulu remix)
Voodeux- Spoonful