Thursday, November 27, 2008

Yo things to do right this second.

1. Tell any Americans you meet that Thanksgiving is the most stupid holiday ever and it has really pissed me off because every thing is closed in NYC and I had to eat at a diner that has made me feel really sick

2. Hold your breath until we announce some really exciting ZDS news that has been making us cry tears of joy the last couple of weeks

3. Go buy my remix of Mowgli on Beatport ( Nat Self )


Sickie the Sick NX

PS: the photo is Mowgli looking like a ass with Carl Cox HAHAHA


Anonymous said...

your problem is that yer in NYC.

Gutter Broadcast said...

what does that mean?

Anonymous said...

the remix is amazing dude

gutter broadcast has been blowing my mind as of late

xo, Jamal

Anonymous said...

nat self is the shiiit and you better recognize son. NYC who? have some freakin humor. JAMAL is da shitness as well. Im high on coffee and white painting- FTW gutterbroadscast is nr. 1!

/max squad

Anonymous said...

"what does that mean?"

eh, I'm just cranky because I still remember when NYC wasn't just a giant "Sex and the City" set. I still like to visit there sometimes, but it's changed and I don't like what it's become. Of course, the parties there are awesome... Debbie Deb hell yeah.

Anonymous said...

partyscene in NY sucks!

/Max Squad

DJ GUS said...

zds good news? signed?
i think jesse rose could sign you.. those are good news

btw, i like dre skull, he's from brooklyn

Deadly Rhythm said...

i bet you've signed to dirtybird haven't you?