Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Def Momentum is my favourite blog at the moment, it consistently puts out amazing old school Miami Bass and Electro. For anyone that needs schooling, please make the jump here and be prepared to geek out hard on all the presents they have.

From the blog is this track, World Class are basically NWA with crazy space suits on...check for Dre's Beat and other tracks featuring the Doctor (thats him on the far left).

World Class Wrecking Cru' - World Class



Ghostdad said...

snaaaap. gonna be spending a lot of time with Zshare.

INDOE said...

if zshare works slow then fix your internet speed. aint nottin wrong with good ol´zshare dont know why people are beeing so against it. embrace the music and show some love all of u zshare haters


DJ GUS said...

nice coincidence, yesterday i was searching on soulseek some egyptian lover tracks

Anonymous said...

Cool story you got here. It would be great to read a bit more concerning that topic. The only thing this blog needs is a photo of any jammer.