Friday, August 08, 2008

It's been a while since we had a Top Ten here on Gutter Broadcast, so hows this for a return to form?

Its no secret that we love The Martin Brothers, in fact along with Baile Funk and Style of Eye, they're probably top ranking in the things that we blab on about most frequently. I had the pleasure of seeing Justin play the other day and I was well impressed, their last EP 'Rocket Surgery' was amazing and I wait with baited breath for some new material from the wonder duo (and jeez, when is the 'Hyphy House' comp out??). Christian's last EP features a hundred drugged out elephants getting loose on the title track and it got me thinking.....

Christian Martin's Top Ten Animal Noises!!!

10. Poisonous Tree Frog
9. One-legged Cricket
8. Baby Elephant (or grown elephant on a tank of helium)
7. Elephant Seal
6. Dolphin (trying to learn Morse Code)
5. Angry Orangutan
4. Dog (saying 'I love you')
3. Cat fight at 4am
2. Lioness in heat
1. Owl (a big-ass barn owl as it swoops in on a juicy rabbit)

L x


DJ GUZ said...

justin martin's jungle mix for elephant fight makes me feel like i'm in lost's island and having trouble

sweeetheartfever said...

Maybe number eleven?