Saturday, March 22, 2008

Okay, so you fools probably didnt believe us when we proposed a 'Ghetto House Top Ten' did you? DID YOU? (To be honest, I didnt believe myself). Ghetto House is a name that has been passed around a lot recently, hopefully the people using it know what it means and we can avoid what has happened to Fidget House happening to Ghetto House. I doubt it ever will, seeing as ghetto shit is exactly that, as it usually involves a big black american dude, a couple of busted drum machines and a little pent up frustrated energy, I cant see Craig from Durham churning out the next 'House-O-Matic'...can you?

To be honest, a top ten of this kind of music is a daft idea, there are far too many good tracks that could be included in this list. So here is a pick of the crop, as opposed to a definitive 'best of'......

1. Cajmere - Percolator
2. DJ Deeon - House-O-Matic
3. Rod Lee - Problems
4. Ron Caroll - Walking down the Street
5. The Outhere Brothers - Whip Dat Pussy
6. Paul Johnson - Feel My M.F Bass
7. Mike Dunn - ~Lets Work That Mutha Fucka
8. DJ Funk - House the Groove
9. DJ Slugo - Work It
10. The House Master Boyz and The Rude Boy of House - House Nation


DaDa KingZ said...

Damn sir... some awesome tunes in here... Lovin it.
Thanks so much for the this!!!

Anonymous said...

Any way you could reup the Dj Deeon or point me to where I could buy it? I've looked everywhere for that track with no luck.