Thursday, December 13, 2007

They dont call him Busy for nothing. When not managing some of the music world's hypest dudes: Pedro smashes it with DJ sets, publishing companies and god knows what else (he is putting out the first ever book from our Belgian family 'ERS'). When we played with him in Copenhagen we were lucky enough to glimpse what makes him so 'special', little did we know his rider contained so many 'specific' points!

(and dont you forget it)

1/ You will receive a list of 100,000 records you CAN'T play before me. Please make sure the warm up djs got it.

2/Black Light is of course completely forbiden during my sets. I hate looking at girls with fluorescent green teeth!

3/I don't drink from Vodka bottles, I want a Vodka Fountain.

4/Make sure the Pioneer CDJs have never been touched by a Jungle DJ nor a Happy Psy-Trance addict.

5/and the, of course, the famous "everybody seat down" when i arrive behind the decks. Yes, i want the whole crowd to seat down and relax a bit. Then, after my 12 minutes long Shabba Ranks acappela intro, i'll drop the fonky beat and i allow them to dance.

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Anonymous said...

busy p is a shit dj