Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Fidget House main man The Bulgarian sent us some new material. Loop Poop is a twisted maze of a track, harking back to the ol' Detroit Classic days, Over The Wall takes more of a relaxed disco angle, taking in Padded Cell like basslines and sweeping disco strings...something we weren't really expecting from our saffa bru, but it works really well and provides a nice opposite to the banging house music everywhere.

Speaking of 'banging house music everywhere'...just wait til you hear The Bulgarian's 'The Other Door', I haven't been this excited since Dave Taylor met P. just aren't ready. Trust me. You. Just. Aren't. Ready

The Bulgarian - Loop Poop

The Bulgarian - Over The Wall

We'll be playing these, and more at our next Get Rude party, where we will be joined by the beautiful Miss Odd Kidd and The Round Table Knights. This Friday at The Social. Little Portland St. London. Come join's FREE.

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