Friday, December 22, 2006

We asked DJ Gorky of the fantastic 'rock-carioca' band Bonde Do Role to give us a top ten tunes of the is his response.

* let's make love... - css
* emergency! - passions
* w.a.y.u.h (SMD remix) - rapture
* hustler - simian mobile disco
* her - kissy sell out
* waters of nazareth (erol remix) - justice
* the fallen (justice remix) - franz ferdinand
* dun dudun - para one
* knock 'em out - lily allen
* bongo song - zongamin

Thanks Gorky.....

Friday, December 08, 2006

Its what we were all thinking...Pase Rock gets contemporary.

Pase Rock & Spank Rock - Lindsay Lohan’s revenge

Next year will see these dudes blow....Isla and Jared from Brooklyn are 'Purple Crush'. A meeting of styles ranging from Bmore to Annie Lennox. Having just won $10.000 worth of equipment in some American competition and touring with Gutter Broadcast favourite 'Curtis Vodka' they are onto big things. Catch a 12" out from them next year on 'Nine 2 Five' Recordings.

They have also just released a mix to get you wet. Cop dat.

Saturday, December 02, 2006

The amount of club dances up on You Tube at the moment is got the 'wu-tang', the 'matrix', the 'one leg up' and now the 'thizz'....

we're working on the 'zombie'.....
That dude right there....thats Edu K, cold flossing in '84 with his band. Nowadays he can be found making the hottest carioca with Daniel Haaksman of Man Recordings. Edu and Daniel put on a crazy set at Rio Rox the other week...highlights include a friend of a friend getting attacked by Edu K's hot, sweaty, hairy armpit during 'Popozuda'. Oh my days.

Edu K - Sex 0 Matic (Bonde Do Role Remix)