Monday, June 29, 2009

Daniel Haaksman has got a new nickname, we call him the Haaksinator. Me and Beware are planning the cover art to his first full length album, its gonna feature Dan in a mocked up future dystopian scene, staring the viewer down, dressed up like Arnie. Thousands of robot-funkieros marching behind him, dancing to his music....hmmmm okay so this might not be true, but imagine how amazing that would look.

For now you can make do with the latest red-hot release on Man Recs, Danny boy releases his 'Gostoso' Ep on wax today, the digital drops on July 10th. Support the goddamn cause for good music and go buy this shit okay? To wet you appetite we have a sneaky track right here, complete with a rude sounding name.....

Daniel Haaksman - Pobum Coco


Saturday, June 27, 2009

Curb Crawlers is a nice blog. I like it.

I liked this in particular


seems like a interesting style of music

oh and dubble dutch is a nice dude I met him in Austin and he gave me a funny promo cd with all hand written titles and stuff - I think he could become a really good producer.

So all and all everything is nice including Copenhagens red light district where I'm staying tonight - Ummmmm hookers on heroin yummmy.


Bye Bye king of Pop have fun in heaven with Elvis and Lennon

Obligatory Mj post

1. yes he is dead

2. I actually sent a condolence message to a friend who loves him

3. What the hell will happen to bubbles?

4. Here is the Villalobos and luciano MJ bootleg ep - hmmm to play or not to play



Extra New music that is new and music for extra

I found this really nice blog today - It has really nicely written bits on the artists that are posted there and positively encourages you to go and buy - ah responsible blogging - like telling the girl you have herpes when your done....

Extra Music New Blog


ps iphoto strikes again

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Now go and Youtube 'Eli Porter' and hate yourself a little bit.....

L Tube

Tuesday, June 23, 2009


Here at ZDS headquarters (thats on top of mount Everest in a hollowed out section of the peak in case any one was wondering- not you Mr bond your not welcome) we stupidly managed to sleep on funky. what the hell was wrong with us-

This track is my song of the summer -

Crazy Cousinz- Inflation

as allways can I STRONGLY encourage you to go and buy this and support the artist (you can get it HERE) - especially in this case where the scene is just growing and dudes probably don't make too much cash off their stuff

peace and funky


ps: I done a very simple edit of pon de floor - if there are 439 comments I'll post it and get it trouble....

I still cant quite believe IZ THE WIZ is dead, he is one of my all time favourite artists ever.


Saturday, June 20, 2009

Very rarely (and I mean VERY VERY rarely) something comes along on the internet that makes perfect sense, something that uses the internet to its fullest and truest potential. Its even more impressive when that thing doesnt try to sell you anything, but is simply for the fun and love of making music.


Friday, June 19, 2009

For those in Berlin this weekend, Sunday sees the third outing of the WMP Fashion Flohmarkt....a day of fun in the sun, including lots of bespoke vintage items for sale, a BBQ, drinks and music (by me and some others!). Come and S.P.E.N.D!

L x

Thursday, June 18, 2009

The bit when he goes "Dead-in-the-middle-of-Little-Italy-little-did-we-know-that-we-riddled-some-middleman-who-didn't-do-diddily" is probably one of the best moments in Hip Hop EVER!


Monday, June 15, 2009

this guy is making a track on my new rap album.

Something is stirring in Paris....growling under the floorboards. Gone are the multicoloured New Eras, in come the smart Parisian boys....laptops packed with low end bass tones and conga loops. Viva La Revolution!


Mono - La Trompeta / Black Strawberry
Justin Martin - Nightowl / Buzzin Fly
Dj Hell - My definition of house music (Renaissance Man Bootcut)
Sidney Samson - Riverside (Afrojack Remix)
Gregor Salto - Mas Que Nadas (Funkin matt remix) / G-Rex
Coolshop - Trumpet Girl (Juan Magan Remix) / Molto Recordings
Gregor Salto - Classic Beat tool (Ruqiero Y Renco Bootleg)
Harry Choo Choo Romero - Cumbia (Jose Nunez Electronika mix) / Bambossa Records
Dj Gregory & Gregor Salto - Push in the bush / Defected
Solo - Afreaka / Fresh Fish
Sync & Arg65 - Suseleker / Audiojacker Recordings
Rene Amesz & Mastiksoul - Swaffel / 4Kenzo Recordings
Marshall & Libex - Black Conga (A4C Drum Edit)
Mowgli - I'm a Dj / Made To Play
Mastiksoul - Fuck that
Michel Cleis - La Mezcla (Bar le func Edit)

Mix by A4C..


Friday, June 12, 2009

Remember that band we booked at Get Rude (r.i.p) aaaaaaaages ago, Crystal Fighters? Mental show right? Well they are about to blow up, BIG TIME. These dudes manage to make electro-clashy noisers like 2002 never happened, makes the hairs on the back of my neck stand up, and trust me, in my grumpy times....that is R.A.R.E

Show Love.


Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Yet another great article on RA can be found here, it deals with the advent of 'networked computing', cheap air travel and ends up telling everyone to ride bikes. Bam!


What a weird and downs and lefts and rights.

Makes me want to listen to Techno.

Gui Boratto - Atomic Soda

Did you know he did an Essential Mix, neither.

Gui Boratto - Essential Mix

1. Billy D’Alessandro ‘AcidBurn’ (Gui Boratto’s Remix) (Soniculture)
2. Philip Flindt ‘Forward (Gui Boratto's Remix)’ (Freunde Tontraeger)
3. Solee ‘Impressed (Gui Boratto's Remix)’ (Parquet Recordings)
4. Adam Freeland ‘ManCry (Gui Boratto's Remix)’ (White Label)
5. Gui Boratto ‘Take My Breath Away’ (Kompakt)
6. Gui Boratto feat. Luciana Villanova ‘No Turning Back’ (Kompakt)
7. Pet Shop Boys ‘Love Etc (Gui Boratto's Remix)’ (Parlophone)
8. Gui Boratto ‘Haute Couture’ (Kompakt)
9. Gui Boratto ‘Atomic Soda’ (Kompakt)
10. Gui Boratto ‘Opus 17’ (Kompakt)
11. Robert Babicz ‘Sin (Gui Boratto’s Remix)’ (Systematic Recordings)
12. Gui Boratto ‘Ballroom’ (Kompakt)
13. Gui Boratto ‘Eggplant’ (Kompakt)
14. Gui Boratto ‘Golden Axe’ (Kompakt)
15. Sam Taylor Wood ‘I’m In Love With A German Film Star’ (Gui Boratto Mix) (Kompakt)
16. Gui Boratto ‘Arquipélago’ (K2)
17. Bomb The Bass feat. Mark Lanegan ‘Black River’ (Gui Boratto Remix) (K7)
18. Gui Boratto feat. Luciana Villanova ‘I Feel Love’ (Kompakt)

pass: stereosound

L xxxxxxxx

Monday, June 08, 2009

Sunship Warrior and my debut rap album

This is the cover to my debut album "smokin' da reefer'. It features me spittin' rymes on some bumpin' beats.... check it .

An oldie but a goodie here -

sunship feat warrior queen-almighty father (solid groove mix)
Things to do today:

1. Follow Mark from RTK's advice and go download 'Breaking Bad', a perfect new series from Amerikkka documenting the life of a middle class Crystal Meth dealer.

2. Watch this and tell my why Baile Funk ISNT the best music in the damn world.

3. Go buy a tshirt and help put my kids through college.


L x

Wednesday, June 03, 2009



ding dong-go away

I pretty much HAVE TO GET an iphone now.....