Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Something for your eyes today....I finally got around to searching out '80 Blocks From Tiffany's' last night. Fans of The Warriors and Style Wars will not be disappointed. The film centres around the Savage Skulls and Savage Nomads, two prominent gangs in New York during the 1970's, and their various stories and hustles. I love this shit, its almost too good to be true. Now if only the guy would upload the last two parts of the movie!

Monday, October 29, 2007

Music for grow-ups. Part One of Ten.

Hey kids! Remember when music required patience and attention? Remember when tracks demanded a little more? Remember when everything wasn't so carbon copy? Less quantity, more quality....the movement begins! (as sponsored by Get Rude)

Plastic Operator - Why Don't You? (Jesse Rose and Oliver $ remix)

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Fucking goddamn bastard fuck-o shitbag. Australia just got cancelled....shit. Sorry to everyone that was involved in our mini-tour, hopefully we can make it work next year sometime.

On a lighter note, this is how I got down on the weekend. Berlin aint all 'minmal doom and gloom' y'know. Thanks to the Sameheads crew for being so great.

Thursday, October 18, 2007

The sooner we get to Brazil the better right?.....

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

When we were in Amsterdam for our stint at the Flex Bar we did a quick interview for Vice Belgium, it felt kinda stoopid sat around talking about 'new rave' and the 2,394 subjects you get asked about as a DJ whilst we sat in one of the most mentally liberated cities in the world. I suggested we went and did a review of our 10 favourite sex toys and the lovely journalist was into the idea. So heres the result, and heres the interview (cool if you can speak Dutch). I was hoping the sex toy thing would make the magazine but i guess we arent cynical enough.

Love and kisses and peace on earth.

Monday, October 15, 2007

Hip House. Some hate it, some love it. I really love it. You cant beat big trousers, big beats (NOT 'big beat'), big earrings, big hi-tops (both shoes and hair), big fun, big attitude....what is their not to like? My recent newfound contempt for modern, instant music (seriously, has anyone heard anything mindblowing lately? Put a comment with your email and I will personally send you a free tshirt if you can prove me wrong) has dragged me back to my old records. Hip House needs a revival(SMD tried but fell short of the original feeling) and my money is on dudes like Gameboy/Gamegirl and Sweat X. Watch this space...

Zombie Disco Squad - I Still Listen To Hip House

1. Beatmasterz Ft. Cookie Crew - Rok Da House
2. Double J - Bless the Funk
3. Mr. Lee - Pump dat Body
4. Young MC - Pick Up da Pace (Club Mix)
5. MC Crown - Situation (Hip House Remix)
6. Master Mixi and Skinny Scotty Ft. Dizzy D - I Can Handle It
7. MC Miker G - Show 'em da Bass
8. DJ Fast Eddie - Hip House

Big thanks to Daniel Haaksman and Shir Khan for making last weekend so great! Super duper shouts goes to all those that made Get Rude one of the best yet. Martelo, Ezra Bang and the Patchwork Pirates all turned it out and put a big smile on everyones faces.

Friday, October 12, 2007

Made to play are most defiantly one of the best labels in the Universe, and this release is a little old by super mega Internet high speed photon standards (it came out in April) but is still rocks my world! It comes from Alfonso Mango aka one half of Deadset. Its a dark, jacking house monster that has a amazing break down half way through that shivers me timbers!

as all ways if you like it go and buy it (I did!)

Alfonso Mango-Can You feel

Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Dan M. We love him, he is our Copenhagen sunshine. He plays jacking house, fidget and anything that grooves. He very kindly made us a banging mix...

j-j-j-j--a-a-a-a-a-c-c-c--c--c--k-k-k-k-k-k--- a---t---t---a---c---k

Gutter Fidget mix

Vejer - ? - (jesse rose rmx)
someone i dub - trevor loveys - (herve rmx)
be a jerk - lee mortimer / sawtooth sucka
Oi NY this is LDN - david e sugar
plastic fantastic - ? - riva staar chunky as fuck rmx - (DAN M! izzo work)
beatbox - ? - crookers rmx - (DAN M! Woah! edit)
listen man - the Bulgarian
valerie - mark ronson ft Amy Winehouse - (Sinden & count of Monte Cristal rmx)
moving it over here - foamo
another day in the ghetto - Dj fame - (The Bulgarian rmx)
lemon head - Clark Able
crack el - worthy - (Justin Martins Stoopit Crunk-ill hyphy mix)
double barrel - Jahcoozi - (the bald and the beautiful dub mix)

Big Weekend up ahead dudes...double Get Rude for your arse.

We already shouted the Friday happening, so lets show some love to the fatherland (The Catch Bar)...we come equipt with Martelo, Ezra Bang & Hot Machine, Patchwork Pirates and us Zombies. Unmissable.

Modern music is rubbish, take it back with this track in preparation.

MK - Burning

Thursday, October 04, 2007

So yeah, we gave this to Discobelle as an exclusive, so no doubt you copped it there already. But this is our new track, its a bit of fun and features (my favourite rapper in the world ever) Lil Wayne yapping on about how he loves straight boys and rides dick. We have played it all over Europe and people go nuts when the horns come in around halfway, enjoy!

Zombie Disco Squad - Straight Boy

Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Peyoooow! We teamed up with the radical Creamster from the mondo Partyharders to produce this little gem. There are only 100 in existence and they only cost £15! To get your dirty little hands on one (or two) just click here.

We have to give this one a big shout! We managed to get Daniel Haaksman (man of baile heaven, MAN Recordings) AND Shir Khan (he of 'Maximize' mix cd and Exploited Recordings) playing in our room at Egg on the 12th. Don't ask us how, we just did. You can see them Berlin dudes alongside us and The Bulgarian for FREE! The kind men at 'Magic Circle' have given us two pairs of free tickets for the night, all you need to do is email your name to zombiediscosquad@gmail.com and we will get back to the lucky winner at the end of the week. Don't sleep.

Monday, October 01, 2007

Mexican Dj Spin Laden just sent us this mix, it's a mega jackin' mix that made me dance in my pants (despite it being 7am) and his name made me chuckle.......

spin laden new mixxx

cajmere - perculator
zds - straight boy
crookers feat. mc dandao - soca ali baba
armand van helden - touch your toes (audio bullys remix)
claude vonstroke - the whistler (dj assault remix) acid jacks
mookie charlean dance - mr dj (speaker junk remix)
black ball - tigerstyle (tanner ross remix)
house of pain - jump around (micky slim remix)
david e sugar - oi berlin, this is london (jesse rose remix)
the chemical brothers - salmon dance (crookers remix)
duke dumont - lean & bounce
marcella - stabbin sally (audio jack remix)
overnoise - dry

MOSCOW STAND UP! More photos and general bullshit to follow.